Installing turf

Our company has both the scientific background and the practical knowledge in terms of installation and maintenance of turf and turf seedbeds.

The installation of ready-made turf and seeding turf is one of the main services of our company and we have highly experienced staff for proper installation installation and maintenance of turf.

Scientific background

Practical knowledge


Experienced staff

Correct installation

Correct positioning

Correct watering

Modern technology

Automated installation

Experienced Agronomists

Long-term preservation

Automatic watering

Installation of irrigation system

The Α to Ζ of a garden is proper watering.

Our company can build an irrigation system from scratch with the most modern technology available.

We recommend to our customers a proper automated irrigation system installation controlled by experienced Agronomists to keep the garden in perfect condition for the long term.

The most important advantages that automatic irrigation offers us are as follows:


  • The supply of irrigation water is evenly distributed
  • The water is supplied automatically by means of an electronic programmer, so that the water is always supplied at the same time.
  • The water is managed more rationally compared to manual watering.

Management of large green spaces

Another service of happy garden is the management of large green areas in communities, hotels, industrial sites, public hospitals and settlements with large green areas.

  • Lawn care
  • Pruning of ornamental shrubs and trees
  • Irrigation system control

Fertilization throughout the garden and management with agricultural products certified by the Cyprus market.

Management of large countries

Hotel units

Industrial premises

Public hospitals


Certified medicines


Specialised agronomists

Full consent

Design and creation of gardens

The design carried out by our company’s qualified agronomists is sent to the customer for full consent and signature.